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Workshop Angel

I recently finished reading the amazing book titled BROKEN OPEN by Elizabeth Lesser. It was a wild ride through my emotional landscape that ultimately tapped directly into the center of my heart to see life quite differently by the end of the read. It helped me put my...

Dress to Express Your Truest YOU!

Do you believe that how you show up externally truly reflects your truest self? If you are like most women, there is a certain battle that happens on a regular basis with our closets. It can be absolutely dreadful to stand in our closets, looking through our current…

Are you REALLY Sleeping?

Dear Sleep, I know we had our problems when I was younger, but I love you now.  When I begin work with someone on taking a closer look at their self-care practices, SLEEP is often one of the very first items we tackle. Quite often, the women that show up to get a...


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