Do you believe that how you show up externally truly reflects your truest self?

If you are like most women, there is a certain battle that happens on a regular basis with our closets. It can be absolutely dreadful to stand in our closets, looking through our current clothing and accessory selection and constantly wondering ‘what the hell am I going to wear today?’.

We try on several items, flinging things here and there, trying on different combinations, taking a look in the mirror, sighing about the fact that we should probably also do something with our hair and face and then finally deciding, screw it, I’m going to wear sweats, go makeup free and wear my hair in a ponytail. It can be exhausting. These struggles show up for us for many reasons, but what if there was a way to make all of this easier and step into an entirely new way of being with how we WANT TO show up; a way of putting ourselves together so that we are a true reflection of who we REALLY are inside and out?

I’ve got an idea for you, me and everybody who needs this message. Let’s stop the madness.


Meet Lisa Sharpe, Personal Stylist

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing a styling expert as part of my Self-Care Unscripted interview series and she brings an especially amazing energy into the world with her work. I want to share it with you. Allow me to introduce you to Lisa Sharpe, Founder of Stylish Sparrow where she is a Personal Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant.  Lisa offers styling services to help women build self-confidence from the outside in, which also supports a powerful form of self-care. She teaches women how to organize, customize and discover their own personal sense of style within their own closets. In our interview, Lisa shared that it is not about age, size, labels or money. It is about tapping into who YOU are today and expressing your authentic self.

Something incredibly special and beautiful about her work is that she encourages a celebration of our expression in all stages of womanhood as we shift, change, grow into new roles and move about in our world. It’s absolutely not just about wardrobe styling. It’s about DRESSING TO EXPRESS who we are in each moment. Sometimes that’s sweats, sometimes it might be a fancy dress and heels. What matters is that it is you showing up as YOU and feeling pretty freakin’ amazing about it.

To get some amazing insights into the importance of honoring ourselves in this powerful way and also grabbing a few timeless styling tips, treat yourself to a listen to the full interview. CLICK ON THE GREEN BOX BELOW!

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