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Invite yourself to the self-care party and then give yourself permission to be there, always.

Sometimes making yourself a priority can feel daunting. You are exhausted, depleted, burned out and it might feel impossible to even consider for one second how to choose you. I get it. I’ve totally been there and honestly, it is a continuous commitment for me to choose ME on a regular basis. We can get lost in responsibilities, tasks, to-do’s and the whirlwind of ‘busy-ness’. Well, today (and every day) I challenge you to recognize what you REALLY need and take a stand for it! It shouldn’t be optional.

  1. COMMIT. First things first. You must make a commitment to YOURSELF. Draw a line in the sand, if you will. Make the choice. Be firm with your internal voice and don’t negotiate. When you make this powerful choice, it allows you to truly let go of what is no longer serving you. It’s simple, but I know it isn’t easy. But, this is a critical first step. In fact, you can’t go any further until you do this step.
  2. SHARE. Practice sharing the news with those closest to you. Let them know that you are making this choice. Share with your trusted confidants, family and friends. Be bold as you proclaim that you want to make yourself a priority and that when you do, everyone wins. You may not know exactly what it looks like yet, but simply making the choice and sharing with others is extremely powerful. This will serve as a notification that your behavior might start to look a little different. Perhaps your conversations will shift as well.
  3. ENVISION. Decide what choosing you actually looks like. This is the most challenging step for most people. We get so lost in LIFE that we completely lose touch with what making ourselves a priority might actually look like. Carve out a few hours on your calendar (schedule it in) and just sit alone while you imagine what choosing you might actually look like. Consider what you need more of and especially what you need less of. Also, identify any obstacles that might be holding you back.
  4. DOCUMENT. Get a nice journal that you can dedicate to your self-care work and write everything down that you’ve explored from the first steps. There is tremendous power in writing this out. Type it if you must, but I highly recommend writing it out. It allows you to connect with your thoughts in an especially meaningful way.
  5. TAKE ACTION. Get into inspired action. This doesn’t require a massive plan that is masterminded to perfection, unless that gets you into inspired action. This is about taking small steps, on a consistent basis and making you a priority in small ways each and every day until it becomes a habit. What is the very first step to get you into action?

What will you upgrade in your life to better serve you?

What conversation do you need to have?

How can you take a tiny step now to get you closer to your self-care ideal?

Write your thoughts in your journal. Then, SCHEDULE your immediate first steps in in your calendar. And BEGIN!

When you do this work; when you make your self-care a priority and practice it on a regular basis, EVERYONE in your life wins. Everyone. When you show up more completely (because you’ve actually taken the time to take care of you), you get to shine brighter and give from a place of contentment, not out of obligation which builds resentment. It’s a win-win-win for all. Plus, you may just inspire others in your life to do the same.

Keep in mind that choosing YOU requires a commitment and then often a re-commitment, on a regular basis, sometimes daily. That’s just the way it goes. Begin again, as often as necessary to re-commit to YOU. Wake up each day and choose YOU. Period.

Grab this downloadable PDF – SELF-CARE PROMISE to keep you inspired!
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