Praise for A Nourished Life

ANL Testimonial - Mary SeeberShelley is incredibly dedicated to her work and to helping her clients accomplish their goals. She had the energy, insight and caring needed to help me see beyond my own stuck energy and patterns, and give me new ideas for accomplishing my goals. She helped me plan out the steps necessary to accomplish my goals, suggesting workable ideas to accomplish them. These are not easy goals to accomplish—if they were, I would have been able to get them done myself. Therefore, looking at ‘the blocks’ to them was important to do, as well as developing ‘action plans’ to achieve them. The most significant overall change I noticed in my time in Shelley’s coaching program was realizing the value and need for planning things out in terms of specific “Action Item” if I intend to get them done. As a busy single mom, I take care of the top priorities pretty well, but then self-care beyond the bare minimum sits on the back burner. I now realize the need to write out lists and goals, find ways to ensure I am on track to do stuff that I have gotten used to not doing for myself.

ANL Testimonials - Mary SeeberI would recommend Shelley to anyone ready and willing to start taking responsibility for their own lives. Shelley will call out your own inner victim! But always along with finding appropriate action plans for that. You have to be open minded and open hearted to do this work, and I don’t think it is easy. But Shelley is a great coach along the way, and I think if it’s time to work with her—you’ll know! Shelley is a beautiful, positive person who will remain an inspiration to me!”
– Mary Seeber, Lakewood, CO

Shelley helped me work towards my specific health goals by breaking them down into mini goals to strive towards in each coaching session with her. She also helped me get to the root of WHY I felt these goals were important in the first place, and helped me identify the underlying issues that needed to be focused on instead. The biggest tangible change I noticed as a result of working with Shelley was my assertiveness in taking ownership of my own healthcare needs. She helped me realize that I can take bits of information and suggestions from many valuable resources, rather than fully putting the course of my treatment in the hands of someone else. This was a huge shift in how I was approaching my symptom management. It puts me back in the driver’s seat. Another significant change is a more relaxed approach to food and in treating my condition. I learned to prioritize my happiness and emotional/social well-being over becoming paranoid about whether I am putting the “right” thing in my body at all times. Shelley has an immense passion for her field of work. She displayed incredible empathy every step of the way, which helped validate my feelings and made me feel as though I have an advocate for what I am going through. I would recommend Shelley to anyone looking for a happier and healthier life with emotional support along the way.”
– Carolyn Pluta, Aurora, CO

I have known Shelley for several years. She is very passionate about helping people transform their lives in a positive way. She has worked with many of our patients. Shelley is bright, energetic, and has an engaging personality. She is the consummate professional.”
– Gerard Guillory, MD
The Care Group
750 Potomac Street, Suite 111, Aurora, Colorado
(303) 343-3121

Shelley helped me achieve the following goals: returning to a healthy eating plan, the loss of 7 pounds and staying on a routine exercise program. These were 3 areas in my life that I was not making any progress until I met Shelley. Her program and advice allowed me to refocus and commit to what I wanted for my life. I would encourage anyone who is not achieving their goals or struggling to become healthy to seek Shelley out. She fosters a positive, supportive and safe environment. Her nutrition advise is cutting edge but easy to follow and adapt.”
– Patricia Gorman, MBA, Greenwood Village, CO

My experience at A Nourished Life’s Retreat weekend was outstanding in every way. Shelley’s expertise, love of cooking and passion for health blend together for a scrumptious learning experience!”
– Susan Kracklauer, Nutrition Therapist
A Healthy Life, LLC
Boulder, CO

I first met Shelley when my business, Stir Cooking School, was in the final stages of opening. Her passion for teaching enabled her to quickly become a great Chef instructor focusing on nutrition and healthy eating classes. Her knowledge on overall well being and healthy living as well as the ability to teach guests about those subjects is unparalleled. Shelley’s overall energy and desire to constantly do better made her one of my best instructors. She’s always wanting to learn more and striving to encourage her peers and others to be the best they can be. I highly recommend Shelley and any one that has an opportunity to work with her will definitely reap the benefits!”
– Katy Hume, Chef/Owner
Stir Cooking School
(720) 287-4823

Shelley has been an inspiration and a wonderful mentor. She has instilled confidence in me as a new business owner and as a person. She is quick to give positive feedback and provides numerous and individual ways to overcome obstacles. She is generous with her time and her wealth of information. Shelley is an effective communicator and exceptional educator and is extremely focused and passionate about her work. She is adept in many facets of health including nutrition, cooking, exercise, and skilled in building people up. She is always looking to improve her services and actively pursues continuing education for the betterment of herself, so she can share with others. Her desire to teach and transform lives through health and wellness by focusing on each individual and the community as a whole is inspirational. Additionally, Shelley is very committed to her customers and makes every effort to make it a remarkable experience for every single person she works with. I have been honored to work with her in business and in life. I am very blessed to have such an avid supporter and friend.”
– Tammy Gould, Certified Natural Food Chef, Registered Nurse, BSN

The retreat was AMAZING. So worth it. Be sure to sign up for anything being offered by Shelley; you won’t regret it. THANK YOU SHELLEY!”
– Kim H., Denver, CO

Shelley is the epitome of serving the world in her areas of passion. She eats, lives, sleeps, breathes and teaches holistic healthy living and is a go-to resource for all things related to nutritional cooking and eating. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her holistic health coaching practice along with a particular ability to help people tap into their own healthy intuition. As she says, this is where real transformation takes place. Shelley is a change-maker in the health and wellness movement. Join her and you will absolutely reach your personal health and wellness goals.”
– Erin Fletter, Food Geek in Chief
Sticky Fingers Cooking
Cultivating ‘Cool’inary Curiosity in Kids!

I took a knife skills class with Shelley and she was fantastic! She provided great instruction and valuable ‘tricks-of-the-trade’ insight. I now know what to look for when I’m at the store and also more efficient in the kitchen. Being a bit of a health freak, I’m looking to take more of her classes and start expanding my culinary knowledge with Shelley’s help.”
– Anthony B.

Shelley developed and taught a comprehensive health and nutrition program for my nutrition students at Community College of Denver. Shelley’s work exceeded every possible expectation. She is extremely passionate, professional and thorough. But, the thing that moved me most was that her program made a huge impact on the lives of the people who participated. After attending Shelley’s program, many of my students changed their eating habits and had more confidence to choose and prepare nutritious food. And not only did she transform their lives, but also the lives of their families as well, because they shared what they learned with the ones they loved. “
– Cheri King, ND, Naturopathic Doctor specializing in natural and complementary medicine
Boulder Natural Health
777 29th Street, Suite 401, Boulder, CO 80303
(303) 960-3920

This class and Shelley were great! My wife and I know our way around the kitchen and from the very beginning we learned a lot and had lots of fun doing it. We learned so much and not just new recipes, but how to sharpen our knives properly and some new knife skills, and some great tricks around the kitchen. The menu was fantastic and in keeping with Shelley’s philosophy of all natural healthy ingredient conscious cooking it was all natural and all delicious.
Do yourself a favor and call Shelley.”
– Hunter Parsons

Shelley’s passion is boundless, always going over 100% of what may be expected. She has an intense compassion and strong determination. She empowers people to improve their lives through food, nutrition and exercise. And most importantly, she ‘walks the talk.'”
– Lynda Lacher, Therapeutic Chef Instructor
Nutrition Therapy Institute
(303) 377-3974

As a novice cook, I was uncomfortable with all things related to the kitchen. Shelley started with the basics: knife skills, grocery shopping for healthy eating, and a prepared pantry for healthy cooking. From there, she gave me hands-on experience making nutritious meals and sides; everything from soup to casseroles to muffins. After working with Shelley, I know how to plan menus and shop for fresh, interesting items. Plus, my kitchen works: I have all the tools and the skills I need to make better, more nutritious meals than I could purchase eating out. What a difference Shelley’s expertise has made in my life!”
– Paula S.

Shelley collaborated with us at The Kitchen Table Cooking School to feature her healthy cooking program. Shelley fit right into our organization as she encompassed our values of creating an exceptional customer experience and enriching our customers lives. Shelley built a following of students who all sang her praises. Also, Shelley and I collaborated on designing a professional culinary arts curriculum. She was instrumental in helping me lay out the structure of the curriculum to prepare for submission to the Colorado Department of Education. Shelley is a very motivated and hardworking professional. She loves to teach and nurture. She believes in and lives the lifestyle of the programs she teaches.
Shelley has great attention to detail and really understands creating a complete package. Her attention to detail can be seen in her handouts, website and program organization. She sincerely cares about providing a customer centric experience.
She talks the talk and walks the walk. That sincerity combined with a desire to help her clients makes her an excellent health coach.”

– Andy Floyd, Director and Co-Founder
Colorado Culinary Academy
6380 S Fiddlers Green Cir #108A, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
(303) 220-6993

My top goals at the start of Shelley’s program were to get lean and to learn healthy eating habits to carry on with me for the rest of my life. Shelley was able to help achieve these goals by introducing me to an eating lifestyle that worked for me. The foods she introduced me to tasted more pure and fresh than any food I had eaten prior. As well, she got me excited about this lifestyle change and helped me to understand that it IS possible, no matter what your circumstances are. The biggest change I noticed in going through the program, aside from my 14 lb in about 5 weeks, is definitely my energy levels. I was able to work full days without an afternoon crash. And 3 meals a day filled me up and left me not wanting to snack at all. The most significant overall change has been my weight loss as mentioned was 14 lbs in about 5 weeks. This combined with eating before my workouts showed me a whole new way to be efficient in the gym. I’ve never felt better, before, during, or after a workout. I would describe Shelley as a woman of her word. She said, if I did this then this would happen, and she was right. 5 weeks later here I am 14 lbs lighter and fully energized, eating food that’s not just good for you, but feels good to eat! In using Shelley’s program, I learned what to eat, how to eat it, and more importantly why to eat it. I think what I have learned here is more important to overall life than most any sort of class or project I have ever been exposed to. What I learned here will help me live a balanced healthy life for the rest of my life. She set the blue print and now I know how to be healthy and not feel like I am just aiming in the dark. I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about wanting to change. Remember, yesterday you said tomorrow!”
– Alex Pappas, Carmel, IN


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